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The world will never take my heart



                            "Too hot."

"I hear ya."

Also if any of you live in Boston and want to hang out give me a shout


"Mikasa, you probably shouldn’t provoke Levi."

Sorry I haven’t been on much

I just moved up to school yesterday, and spent the past two days moving into my apartment and running errands and seeing friends I haven’t seen all summer.

Classes start tomorrow but I have most of the day off so I’ll probably pop in for a bit.

Feel free to send asks or tag me in starters because I will definitely respond to them once I’m available!

"It’s so hot…I think I should just go stick my head under the water pump."


yeah yeah yeah yeah !!! the armin duality 


ages ago I was asked for older!Armin


ages ago I was asked for older!Armin

A message from potatoes-are-better-hot
(Character shaming thing) I stole all the books from the library and hid behind them when the security guards found me. (idk)

Who told you—



Armin is frightening without coffee.

"I’m tired and I want a warm drink but no one is letting me have one. Can you really blame me?"

Give my character a “character shaming” label


(i.e. ‘I ate all he cookies in the house and lied about it with crumbs over my face’)